Ms. Niroshni

Ms. Niroshni

Manager Winnipeg office

  • Graduation: Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • Post-Graduation (Master of Science): Applied Psychology April 2013
  • Centennial College - Human Resource Management
  • St. Lawrence College - Healthcare Administration Program

About: Graduate from one of the best Canadian Institutions in the field of Human Resource Management and Healthcare Program. She shifted to Winnipeg for making a brighter career. Despite studied from Canada, she initially found it very difficult to get settled due to lack of proper guidance but she decided to make it a different experience for others.
Finally, she got settled down in Canada with the help of Professional Immigration Services provided by CW International which also offers a variety of the services to the students that are highly required before and after completion of studies.

Another ample amount of scopes are also available here that specially are required for you as a new comer in Canada. CW International would feel privilege over providing the right platform with its' professional immigration services. Please reach out to us so we can assist you soon.

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