In this Canada country, our Settlement Division takes on the job to help our customers prepare right from the stage they retain our services. We guiding on how to upgrade their educational qualifications and acquire additional professional skills required in the country they are moving. Further CW office the Employment Readiness Course (ERC) which covers the wide variety of employment culture, preparation for the job market and how to work in an ethical manner in these countries. We also offer a transportation services which can help our clients become more familiar in the new area.

After landing abroad, we take care of their airport pickup, subsidized rooms at Welcome the Homes, help in opening a bank account, acquire a Driving License,

obtain a Government Card, and help finding the best educational institutes for children. In addition, we assist with many other services such as customer have adequate insurance.

The amount of Information about licensing or professional registration requirements, list of potential employers, exams to be taken in the order to obtain a license and registration in any of these countries and effective job search techniques, professional licensing and registrations, preparation of licensing exams are also offered by our professionals. All this goes a long way in the early settlement of our customers. We believe in offering the best accommodation facilities to help customers stay in a comfortable place.

Advanced orientation sessions are organized by our professionals taking into account your destination country, its social life and culture, banking, health, life insurance, education, health services, traveling and much more. These types of sessions help our clients acclimatize to life abroad without wasting their valuable time.

We have provided a helping hand to thousands of people to happily settle in these countries of limitless types of opportunities. We would advise you to realize your aspirations through our extensive experience and we would professionally manage and integrate pre-flight to post-landing services, right from the start until the time you completely settle in a country like Canada.

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