Spouse Open Work Permit

When it comes to moving or studying abroad Canada is one of the most popular countries preferred by people across the globe. There are so many reasons why such as the quality of education, better career opportunities, unique demography, and cultural diversity. Once a person is settled in Canada after completing their studies or still studying, some of them often think about bringing their spouse if they have one. There are certain rules and procedures through which you can bring your partner or spouse to Canada.

Canada spouse visa allows a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada to sponsor their respective partner to come to Canada as a Canadian permanent resident. Under this visa the partner is allowed to live, work and can stay permanently in Canada along with their partner.

There are certain requirements for Canada Spouse Visa:

It would take approximately a year to get the approval for this category. But this time can be affected by the country you are applying from as well as the amount of work load in the department. The fee is as follows:

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